Pehr Baby Clothes Review - Must Read This Before Buying (2024)

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About Pehr

The space around us matters; it affects how we live and perceive the world. Pehr is a baby and children’s clothing and home decor brand which encourages both parents and their tots to thrive and grow.

Famous moms like Hilary Duff and Mandy Moore have dressed their children and nurseries in Pehr designs. With over 204K followers on Instagram and 25K likes on Facebook, the brand’s baby apparel and decor collection is popular among mums and dads everywhere.

This Pehr baby clothes review will take an in-depth look at the company, its best-selling products, customer testimonials, ethics, and more, to help you decide if it’s worth checking out.

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Overview of Pehr

Pehr was born in 2010 when two childhood friends, Jen Kelly and Becca Perren, noticed a lack of availability when it came to aesthetically pleasing but quality baby items. They found it difficult to create a space in which both mums and newborns would feel happy and comfortable.

After doing some research on how to ethically source materials, the duo created Pehr with one main goal in mind: to “capture the beauty and magic of childhood” with “playful sophistication.”

Based in Toronto, Canada, the brand’s products are made by women in India. With a heavy focus on ethical production, the all-female team is an ode to the importance of motherhood and women cross-culturally.

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Having considered the brand’s mission, this Pehr baby clothes review will now evaluate the shopping experience through a pros and cons list:


  • Visually pleasing but functional items for babies and parents
  • Pehr clothing is designed in Canada, ethically manufactured in India
  • Female owned and operated brand
  • GOTS certified organic cotton and dyes
  • Available at lots of retailers
  • Free shipping on orders over $100
  • 60-day return policy


  • Expensive compared to competing brands
  • Limited selection of materials
  • Bedding is not sold separately
  • Only ships within the continental US and Canada

This Pehr baby clothes review found that the brand offers more than just cute attire for your minis. They also sell home items that are instrumental to their happiness and learning.

From blankets and swaddles for babies and toddlers, to mobiles, bedding, and decorative wallpaper, Pehr offers a great selection for all your baby needs.

Pehr Baby Clothes Review

Everyone should have a few cute baby clothes. Parents who take ten thousand pics of their little one daily—it’ll be great for you to look back and smile at your tot’s killer style.

Pehr’s best-selling baby clothes are cute and functional. They’re made with quality fabrics that hold up over time and give you easy access for every diaper change.

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Pehr Sleeveless Ruffle One-Piece Review

The Sleeveless Ruffle One-Piece features an adorable, minimal design. With vertical stripes available in three colors (soft pink, sunshine yellow, and deep blue), this one-piece is perfect for all genders. The ruffled cap sleeves add a little flair to the sweet ensemble without irritating your baby.

Available in sizes for 0-18 months, your tot can rock this style as much as they like! The organic cotton material promises their comfort above all, and the snap buttons along the back and legs are designed for urgent diaper changes when you’re out and about.

Easily layered with a long sleeve and leggings, this simple and versatile Sleeveless Ruffle One-Piece will definitely become a keepsake for years. It comes to $24.

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Pehr Short Sleeve Kimono One-Piece Review

Similar to the sleeveless one-piece, the Short Sleeve Kimono One-Piece showcases simple vertical stripes. This cute outfit is available in sage green, navy blue, and slate gray, which are calming neutrals for your tot’s wardrobe.

The faux tie front and cream-colored trim are eye-catching details for some cozy family photos. For quick access, the one-piece features snap buttons and an easy-open tie front with a hidden snap button closure. The soft organic cotton will endure the many washes this piece will likely have to go through, meaning it will last your babies a long time.

Available in sizes 0-18 months, the Short Sleeve Kimono One-Piece totals $24.

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Pehr Crib Sheets Review

Having soft sheets and blankets is a must when you’re an adult, and it’s even more important for a baby! Not only do you want your tot’s delicate skin to touch smooth and cozy fabrics, but they need to be easily washed and dried often.

Let’s take a look at some of Pehr’s most popular sheets so you can pick the right one for your little one.

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Pehr Crib Sheet Review

If intricate designs and soft hues are pleasing to your little one’s eyes, Pehr’s Crib Sheet will help them have the sweetest dreams. From tiny giraffes to gingham, this sweet design can add a homely touch to any space.

Sewn from breathable cotton material, the sheet also comes with a reusable bag. So if you’re on the go and need to bring a crib sheet or extra pair of shoes, Pehr has you covered! The fabric stretches to 52″ x 28″ x 8″ so it can fit different mattresses as your child grows.

This essential Crib Sheet totals $36.

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Pehr Sheet Set Review

If your baby is quickly approaching toddlerhood, it may be time to invest in a reliable Sheet Set. There are six different patterns available in this one, from an alphabet design to polka dot texture.

Each set includes one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and one pillowcase to build the perfect setup for your child’s bed. While a few sizes and patterns are currently sold out, they are normally available in twin and full sizes. You can always turn on notifications to snag them when they’re back!

Since they offer bigger sizes, these sheet sets will work great for your child for years. The brushed cotton material is durable and washes well.

Pehr’s Sheet Set is offered at $89.

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Pehr Duvet Cover Review

Now you’ve found long-lasting sheets for your baby, but what about a duvet? Pehr’s Duvet Cover comes in endearing cute options that you can mix and match with their sheet sets!

Just like their sheet sets, the duvet covers all come in super-soft brushed cotton that will help your baby fall asleep quickly.

Duvet covers are great for switching up the style of the room, so you can interchange bold patterns like navy blue gingham with some super simple and cute dotted stripes! Having more than one option is great when it’s laundry day. It also keeps the room feeling fresh and inviting.

Some styles are currently on sale for $29 (down from $99) for a full. Other covers range from $94 for a twin and $114 for a full!

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Pehr Hi Blanket Review

If you love snuggling up in a warm blanket, there’s a good chance your little one will too! With a colorful zig-zag pattern on one side and ABCs on the other, the Hi Blanket is perfect for keeping your baby engaged and happy.

The 100% cotton blanket is super soft and cozy, great for nap time, bedtime, or even a play date. 36×36” is an ideal size as well.

Use it as a play pad so your baby can practise their alphabet, bring it with you in the car, or use it as a picnic blanket for a fun day out. The Hi Blanket is currently on sale for $60 from $70.

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Pehr Hamper Review

Hampers can be such an eyesore, but it’s time to say goodbye to the hard plastic crates and rogue socks that you have condemned for years. Pehr’s best selling hamper blends right in with your regular decor, you won’t even know that your dirty laundry exists (just don’t forget to do it!)

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Pehr Pom Pom Basket Review

Who said your laundry basket couldn’t be cute? Not Pehr! Their Pom Pom Basket is where aesthetic truly meets functional. With a cream-colored canvas base, there are plenty of options for those sweet little, hand sewed pom poms.

Whether you’re on the hunt for multi-color designs or warm tones to match your space, you’ll find it here. The cotton canvas material of this Pehr hamper can withstand whatever you throw at it. While it’s intended for laundry, it’s also great to store anything that you might want to keep out of sight, like toys, winter accessories, and extra blankets or sheets!

The Pom Pom Basket hamper measures 18″d x 20″h and costs $82.

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Pehr Swaddle Review

What’s cuter than a swaddled baby? A happy baby in a Pehr swaddle! Infants spend a lot of time wrapped up, since the coziness recreates the comfort of the mother’s womb. Let’s take a look below.

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Pehr Swaddle Review

It’s important that both you and your baby get proper sleep at night, and the Swaddle promises just that. The organic muslin cotton is the perfect fabric for keeping your baby tightly and comfortably wrapped without getting too warm.

The swaddle comes in lots of different patterns, just like the Pehr bedding, so you can mix and match it with their sheets. The fabric measures 47×47”, meaning it’s nice and big so you can get your baby perfectly wrapped.

Just like all Pehr products, these swaddles only get softer with every wash and will last your baby as long as they need it to. This is a versatile piece that can adapt to your baby’s needs, sold for $24.

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Pehr On the Go Portable Changing Pad Review

Relying on access to a changing pad when you’re out doesn’t always go as planned. Also, a lot of men’s washrooms don’t even have changing stations! The On the Go Portable Changing Pad is the solution for you. It also comes in plenty of different colors and patterns to match any style.

It even features two pockets—one open and one zippered—for everything you need to change your baby’s diaper on the go. The velcro closure compacts it to 14″x9.5″ from 27.5″x14″ so you can easily toss it in your diaper bag and bring it everywhere.

If you’re looking for something that will make travelling with your kids or baby easier, Pehr’s On the Go Portable Changing Pad costs $44.

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Is Pehr GOTS Certified?

This Pehr baby clothes review found that all of the brand’s clothing and accessories are GOTS certified. This means that they conform to the world standard of ethically sourced materials.

GOTS is an acronym for Global Organic Textile Standard. Having the certification requires that the company’s practices—including manufacturing—are environmentally and socially conscious, with a smaller carbon footprint.

To be GOTS certified, Pehr’s products have to contain at least 70% of organic fibres. They cannot be made with any chemicals, unnatural dyes or treatments.

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Who Is Pehr For?

This Pehr baby clothes review believes that the brand’s products are well suited to the needs of infants and parents alike. Parents can create a space that fits their style, while babies can move around comfortably in the soft swaddles and onesies.

Pehr products also make great gifts, so if you know someone who is expecting, this is an ethical brand to choose! There are lots of items to pick from, all of which are necessary and beneficial when having children.

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Comparison: Pehr vs. Maisonette

Pehr and Maisonette differ in the sense that one is a brand while the other is an online marketplace. Maisonette carries a collection of similar labels to introduce buyers to many different options.

Maisonette is a great stop if you are looking to shop Pehr products as well. It features 800+ baby and children brands on its website. The store carries baby clothing, costumes, gear, jewelry (for mum), and more. Naturally, their selection is wider than Pehr’s.

Like Pehr, they support ethical companies that sell products purposeful for both parents and babies. The price range at Maisonette ranges from low to high as there are so many brands to choose from. For easy shopping, they’ve organized gift ideas ranging from under $100 to over $250.

They also have a sale section with up to 40% off, free shipping and a 10% off code (HELLO10) for your first order over $75. For this Pehr baby clothes review, the two brands are comparable and have similar goals! So which one will you browse first?

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Pehr Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

This Pehr baby clothes review found that overall, customers are very impressed with the quality of items, as well as the versatility of each piece. The brand scores points in many areas—from manufacturing ethical items to appealing to families everywhere.

There are plenty of great reviews from external sources, demonstrating that Pehr is a trustworthy option. But first, let’s take a look at how some of the bestsellers are rated on the brand’s own website:

  • Sleeveless Ruffle One-Piece: 5/5 stars out of 48 ratings
  • Swaddle: 5/5 stars out of 180 ratings
  • Pom Pom Basket Hamper: 4.9/5 stars out of 68 ratings

Leaving a 5-star review on the Pehr’s website, one person describes a great experience with customer service and the quality of their purchase:

“So pretty and perfect for a nursery. Unfortunately I found out after purchasing that we are having a boy. When I reached out to Pehr to return they were extremely understanding and sent me a return shipping label. Wonderful service and product.”

Another customer leaves a similar review on Pehr’s site, describing the functionality and aesthetic appeal of the Swaddle, “Ordered four swaddles. Really like how soft the material is. I washed the swaddles and they held up really well and looked great. Also really like the designs I selected. Would definitely recommend them to others.”

This Pehr baby clothes review also came across a glowing 5-star review on Nordstrom. The buyer writes about the Short Sleeve Kimono One-Piece, “So soft, the kimono is so easy to swap him in and out of – especially in the case of late night diaper blow-outs – and did I mention it’s the softest material?? Super cute and chic, you’ll want your baby in it 24/7 – I wash it alone sometimes just so he can wear it again sooner.”

On West Coast Kids, one reviewer writes about how the hamper will continue to work as her baby grows: “Love this item. The Colour is so cute. Flipped it inside out to iron out the folds from packaging. Although I find it a little big for a hamper for the new baby, I’m sure it will come in handy as the baby grows. And I love that it can be used for just about any kind of storage (blankets, toys etc).”

Pehr is a standout brand that puts a lot of thought into everything they do. This is evident through all of the wonderful customer experiences we read through! We were hard-pressed to find unresolved complaints online.

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Is Pehr Worth It?

This Pehr baby clothes review finds that the brand is worth the investment. The sleepwear and bedding options are made with quality materials and are ethically made. The decor items also serve as perfectly beautiful and functional items in the home.

Pehr offers plenty of different sizes for clothing that can grow with your little one, meaning they can last for years to come and even be reused for future babies. With positive testimonials and transparency when it comes to manufacturing, you can be assured that this brand is worth the price tag.

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Pehr Promotions & Discounts

If you are new to the brand, Pehr helps you receive 15% off your first order after signing up for their email newsletter.

If you spend $75 or more, you will also get a free face mask set! Did we mention that the brand also offers free shipping for orders over $100?

This Pehr baby clothes review also discovered a great sale section on the website. Like most brands, they advertise seasonal promotions, so keep your eyes peeled!


Where To Buy Pehr

Since Pehr is a popular brand, it is available at plenty of stores that sell baby items. You can find its collection at the following retailers:

  • Indigo
  • West Coast Kids
  • Amazon
  • Nordstrom

These companies have a limited selection, so to shop the entire selection, the brand’s website ( is the best place to visit!

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Where is Pehr Made?

Pehr products are designed in Canada and produced by women in India. Many of the items are handcrafted, which demonstrates the amount of love poured into them. The brand focuses heavily on ethical sourcing and production, so you know that everyone involved is being treated fairly.

What is Pehr’s Shipping Policy?

Pehr currently ships within Canada and the US. The company has set up warehouses in both countries to lessen the cost of shipping and avoid duties. Items ship within five business days of ordering and should arrive within 3-5 business days.

These are the delivery costs for Canadian buyers:

  • Free shipping over $100 via Canada Post
  • $10 for orders less than $100 in Ontario
  • $15 for orders less than $100 in the rest of the country

And these are the options for US customers:

  • Free shipping over $100
  • $10 for standard shipping on orders under $100
  • $25 for FedEx 2-Day shipping

This Pehr baby clothes review found that the shipping charges for rugs and wallpaper depend on the size of the rug. For additional information on their delivery policies, we recommend contacting the brand directly.

What is Pehr’s Return Policy?

Pehr accepts returns within 60 days of purchase. Unfortunately, wallpaper, sale items, and furniture cannot be sent back. The brand does not offer exchanges either, but you are welcome to return the product and place a new order.

We’ve compiled a few steps to help you return an item free of charge:

  1. Be sure to hold on to the return label included in your delivery!
  2. Attach the return label to the outside of your return package
  3. Place your receipt and the unsatisfactory item in the box
  4. Drop it off at your nearest post office

This Pehr baby clothes review learned that funds should return to your account within 3–5 business days. Keep an eye on your email for the confirmation message.

How to Contact Pehr

For any questions outside of this Pehr baby clothes review, you can contact the brand in the following ways:

  • Email: [emailprotected]
  • Mailing address:

320 Davenport Road, Suite 300
Toronto, Ontario
M5R 1K6

Canada: Live chat with the team on their website

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Pehr Baby Clothes Review - Must Read This Before Buying (2024)


Pehr Baby Clothes Review - Must Read This Before Buying? ›

Incredibly high quality fabrics with very cute designs, large array of gender neutral designs as well. 100% organic cotton makes us confident dressing our baby in these clothes.

What is important to consider when buying clothes for a baby? ›

Ease of wearing and functionality

Babies sleep a lot in their early years so accessories such as sleep bags, mittens and booties are a must. Having clothes that is easy to change in and out of can also keep your little one happy and prevent blowouts. Look for pieces such as rompers or jumpsuits!

Where is PEHR clothing made? ›

How are Pehr products made? Our products are designed in Canada and ethically manufactured in India with a focus on sustainably produced natural materials and artisan craftsmanship.

How do I know what clothes to buy for my newborn? ›

Clothes should be comfortable, soft and easy to take care of. Stretchy jumpsuits that fasten at the front are best, as well as tops with envelope necks, which are easier to get over your baby's head. Jumpsuits with zips can make dressing your baby quick and easy too. Clothes made from cotton are a good choice.

How often do you need to buy new baby clothes? ›

0 – 3 month – Plan on two outfits and a sleeper each day, but don't overbuy in this range as your child will grow quickly. 3 – 6 month – Plan on one to two outfits a day plus a sleeper.

How much should I spend on baby clothes? ›

Cost: $20 to $50 (or more) per month on average, depending on where (and how often) you shop. Throughout the first twelve months, babies outgrow clothing very quickly, so you'll be buying more clothes in infancy than when they're older.

Is 30 weeks too early to wash baby clothes? ›

You should definitely wash baby's clothes, blankets and other washable items that will come in contact with their skin. It's not necessary to do it before they're born, but it's a good idea to do it before they wear them.

Who is the owner of PEHR? ›

Friends since they were kids themselves, Jen Kelly and Becca Perren struggled to find a brand that could accurately reflect their shared approach to style and motherhood.

What is the best brand for baby clothes? ›

Best Baby Clothes Overall
  • Best Baby Clothes Overall. ...
  • Little Sleepies: Incredibly Soft Patterns & Playful Prints Kids Love. ...
  • Cat & Jack: Home To The Cutest Sets. ...
  • H&M: Neutrals And Trendy Pieces At A Great Price. ...
  • Gap: For Classic Pieces Without A Big Price Tag. ...
  • Zara: Basics And Trendy Pieces For All.
Feb 28, 2024

Who is pehr clothing? ›

Pehr is a female-founded, female-led company. We instinctively know the value in a woman's touch, and are proud to work with artisans and partners whose skilled hands bring our products to life.

How many 0-3 month onesies do I need? ›

In this case, “outfit” means shirt/onesie, pants, and a pair of socks. 0 – 3 month – Plan on two outfits and a sleeper each day, but don't overbuy in this range as your child will grow quickly. 3 – 6 month – Plan on one to two outfits a day plus a sleeper. You may also need bibs for drooling.

How many onesies does a newborn need? ›

For a newborn, it is recommended to have 5-7 onesies, 5-7 sleepers, and 5-7 pairs of socks. A few hats and mittens can also be helpful, taking into account frequent changes and laundry, and adjustments should be made based on climate and personal preferences.

How long do babies stay in 0-3 month clothes? ›

“You may have your little one wearing newborn clothing for 4-6 weeks if they're closer to the 4-5 pound range,” Husain points out. “Every baby is different, but it's smart for parents to remove the tags and wash a few — not all — newborn clothes before birth.

What month should I start buying baby clothes? ›

A good time to buy is around month 4 or 5 of the pregnancy when you find out the baby's gender. Or, if you plan on keeping the gender a surprise until later, you can always buy neutral clothes and ask your friends and relatives to do the same.

Do I need to Prewash new baby clothes? ›

Many parenting and pregnancy books will advise you to pre-wash your baby's clothes before they ever wear them. This is because these garments have had a life before your little one, even if the items are brand new.

How much should I spend on baby clothes for the first year? ›

Your growing baby is fitting into new clothes on a regular basis now. Baby clothes are the most common gift that new parents receive, but the average cost of clothes is around $50 a month for the first year. Using hand-me-downs or shopping at second-hand clothing stores can help you save in this area.

What are the most important considerations in children's clothing? ›

Clothing that is too small or too large can inhibit body movement and interfere with a child's activities. Avoid uncomfortably small necklines, armholes, sleeves, and waistlines and elastic that is too tight. Clothing that is too large and twists around the body or trips the child should also be avoided.

How should you buy baby clothes? ›

Look for materials that are soft, breathable, and gentle on your baby's delicate skin. Organic cotton is a great choice, as it's free from harmful chemicals and pesticides. Safety features to look for: When buying baby clothes, safety should always be a top priority.

What is the most important clothing requirement for children? ›

A crucial consideration for safe kids' wear is the choice of material. It is important to opt for clothing made from durable and non-toxic materials . Fabrics such as cotton with flame-resistant properties are ideal choices as they are both comfortable and safe for kids to wear.

What is the most important thing when buying clothes? ›

Your Personal Style - Your personal style is another critical factor to consider when buying clothes. Choose clothes that reflect your personality and make you feel good. Don't buy something just because it's trendy or fashionable if it doesn't align with your personal style.


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