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Make Your Evals or CHIEFEVALS Shine

eNAVFIT is the latest replacement for Navfit98A. Benefits include real-time spell check, policy-driven error validation on the user end, general information auto-population, the ability to search for members by DODID number or e-mail address, digital signatures, electronic routing, electronic submission (with no summary sheets), reduction in the use of CUI/PII, and entry into Sailors' official records within 96 hours after submission.

There are two important aspects to writing your evals:
  1. What you did at your command (that you remember or have written down.)
  2. How you use/ write that information that you have.

There is a quick and effective way to improve your Navy evaluations. You don't even need Navfit to do this - all you have to do is start a word document and write down everything you have done throughout the year.

Throughout the year, as you do things of significance, write it in your brag sheet. Include the date and description of what you did. I usually name the file "brag sheet 2023" or "brag sheet 2024." When it's time to write your evals, you will have had everything written throughout the year. That's when its time to really use eNAVFIT and make yourself shine. You would believe the “small” things you forgot only to see it on paper and say “Oh yeah, I did that!”

Here's another point to consider. Turning in a printed brag sheet or Navfit rough draft full of details will impress your supervisor or Chief. This will show that you care about your career and professional development. Watch that grammar though! Turning in a carefully drafted sheet will show proof of your writing communication skills. If you compare someone who has turned in a poorly hand written brag sheet with someone who has turned in a detailed sheet, Eval or Chiefeval file then who is the Chief or supervisor going to be more impressed with?

Brag Sheet - Tracking Your Accomplishments

You can use two alternative methods of tracking your accomplishment, using either the E1 - E6 diary or brag sheet. My preferred method was the diary because you can jot down what you accomplish and not worry about it until it is time to write your brag sheet or evals. Either way, print the sheet and keep a record of what you do throughout the year. Also reference a copy of NAVPERS 1616/26 (Link provided in "Instructions".) It will help you become familiar with the eval process and what to log.

Alternative Methods (Diary and Brag Sheet):

  • E1 - E7 Diary
  • E1 - E6 Brag Sheet
  • E7 Brag Sheet

Improve Your Writing Skills if Needed

If your writing skills aren't up to snuff then it's time to visit your base Navy College Learning Center. Many Naval installations offer basic skill courses and its free. You can also try Navy E-Learning Online. Once you've taken a course, don't forget to include it in your evals! Oh, and make sure it gets put in your military records. Get the picture now?

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