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Answer for the clue "Craving, slangily ", 5 letters:

Alternative clues for the word jones

  • "Parks and Recreation" actress Rashida
  • Former Secretary of Commerce
  • He had not yet begun to fight
  • "From Here to Eternity" author James
  • Amos's last name, in "Amos 'n' Andy"
  • James ___, who wrote "The Thin Red Line"
  • United States golfer (1902-1971)

Word definitions for jones in dictionaries

Wiktionary Word definitions in Wiktionary
n. 1 (context US slang now rare English) heroin. 2 (context US slang English) An addiction or intense craving. vb. (context US slang English) Have an intense craving.

Gazetteer Word definitions in Gazetteer
Population (2000): 1193 Housing Units (2000): 614 Land area (2000): 970.520375 sq. miles (2513.636125 sq. km) Water area (2000): 1.137219 sq. miles (2.945383 sq. km) Total area (2000): 971.657594 sq. miles (2516.581508 sq. km) Located within: South Dakota ...

Usage examples of jones.

No sooner had the squire swallowed a large draught than he renewed the discourse on Jones, and declared a resolution of going the next morning early to acquaint Mr.

She was no sooner gone than Jones, instead of animadverting on her behaviour, reflected that he was in the same bed which he was informed had held his dear Sophia.

Chapter 10 Showing the truth of many observations of Ovid, and of other more grave writers, who have proved beyond contradiction, that wine is often the forerunner of incontinency Jones retired from the company, in which we have seen him engaged, into the fields, where he intended to cool himself by a walk in the open air before he attended Mr.

For while Jones was examining his boy in whispers in an inner room, Partridge, who had no such delicacy in his disposition, was in the kitchen very openly catechising the other guide who had attended Mrs.

Jones at his lodgings, with some account of a young gentleman who lodged there, and of the mistress of the house, and her two daughters The next morning, as early as it was decent, Jones attended at Mrs.

While his majesty was thus discoursing with Jones, a sudden uproar arose in the barn, and as it seems upon this occasion:- the courtesy of these people had by degrees removed all the apprehensions of Partridge, and he was prevailed upon not only to stuff himself with their food, but to taste some of their liquors, which by degress entirely expelled all fear from his composition, and in its stead introduced much more agreeable sensations.

But whereas her mistress had, in the preface to her enquiry, spoken much in compassion for the fright which the lady had been in concerning any intended depredations on her virtue, Susan could not help endeavouring to quiet the concern which her mistress seemed to be under on that account, by swearing heartily she saw Jones leap out from her bed.

As soon as Western saw Jones, he set up the same holla as is used by sportsmen when their game is in view.

As we have said that this lady had a great affection for Jones, and as it must have appeared that she really had so, the reader may perhaps wonder at the first failure of her appointment, as she apprehended him to be confined by sickness, a season when friendship seems most to require such visits.

Molly, beside her present unhappy condition, was differently formed in those parts, and might, perhaps, have tempted the envy of Brown to give her a fatal blow, had not the lucky arrival of Tom Jones at this instant put an immediate end to the bloody scene.

Tom Jones had many visitors during his confinement, though some, perhaps, were not very agreeable to him.

However, Jones, though he had enough of the lover and of the heroe too in his disposition, did not resent these slanders as hastily as, perhaps, he ought to have done.

Though Partridge was one of the most superstitious of men, he would hardly perhaps have desired to accompany Jones on his expedition merely from the omens of the joint-stool and white mare, if his prospect had been no better than to have shared the plunder gained in the field of battle.

A short account of Jenny Jones, with the difficulties and discouragements which may attend young women in the pursuit of learning Mrs.

These two began presently to scrutinize the characters of the several young girls who lived in any of those houses, and at last fixed their strongest suspicion on one Jenny Jones, who, they both agreed, was the likeliest person to have committed this fact.

Craving, slangily, 5 letters - Crossword clues, answers, solver (2024)


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