Baby Boy Clothes 0-24 Months | The Trendy Toddlers (2024)

The Trendy Toddlers store is one of the best providers of qualitative, comfortable, and cute baby and toddler clothing. Here you can find everything your child might need throughout the year. We offer baby boy clothes made only of high-quality materials that are completely safe and most comfortable for your baby.

Why Choose The Trendy Toddlers Store

Everything our children deal with should be treated with the utmost responsibility. This applies to food, hygiene, and household items, toys, and, of course, baby boy clothing.

Uncomfortable clothes will definitely cause discomfort. Tight ones will squeeze and restrain movements, rough seams will rub the tender skin. This is not only able to spoil the mood of even the most patient baby but is also harmful.

That is why parents spend so much time and effort choosing the best wardrobe options for their favorite children. Luckily, there is The Trendy Toddlers store that covers all the clothing needs offering the most comfortable, safe, and cutest clothes.

If you have any questions, you can always contact our support team that will help you to make the right choice or assist through any possible issues. The Trendy Toddlers website is the right place to choose unique clothes for any occasion. It is distinguished not only by the excellent quality of cut and tailoring but also by its aesthetic appearance.

Cute Baby Boy Clothes for Newborns and Infants

There are many factors to consider when choosing cool baby boy clothes. After all, they grow up very quickly and are often more active than girls. Clothes for them must be comfortable and qualitative. While parents need to acquire more little boy clothes than outfits for girls. Plan and make an accurate clothing list before shopping. It will be easier to navigate and pick up similar things in style and color. Especially taking into account that on the site, you can shop by size, just pick the relevant size if you need baby boy clothes for 6 months.

Boys do not sit still, they run, jump, and get dirty. The main purchase criteria are:

  • convenience;
  • safety;
  • easy care;
  • properties to withstand multiple washings;
  • the durability of the material.

The Trendy Toddlers online store has a huge selection of cute baby boy outfits, including 12 month baby boy clothes. You can purchase comfortable jeans, cute baby boy onesies, a stylish shirt, or a set for a special occasion so that your baby boy would look gorgeous and feel comfortable throughout the day.

How do the needs of boys differ from the needs of girls? At first, most of the wardrobe is universal for both sexes and differs mainly only in color and decor (we are talking about bodysuits, rompers, overalls, etc.), providing children with the opportunity to lie comfortably on their stomachs, crawl, and sleep). Then, a little later, the range is more different - girls prefer all kinds of fashionable dresses and skirts, and boys prefer joggers, jeans, shirts, and suits, in which they can not deny themselves the pleasure of running and jumping all day. This applies to both casual and festive clothing.

Big Choice of Trendy Outfits for Baby Boys

In addition to the comfort of each individual thing from baby boy outfit sets, the brand's specialists also take care of the appearance - in these clothes children look cute, attractive, fashionable, and very modern. There are models that perfectly match the children's style, emphasizing youth, positivity, emotion, and there are collections that include sets that look just like adults’ clothes but in miniature copies. It also looks very touching.

As for the choice of children's clothing for boys, here is everything that a little fashionista may need: bodysuits, overalls, raglans and T-shirts, pants, joggers, shorts, pajamas, jeans, shirts, underwear, accessories, and others. You can choose boys clothing online, including cute newborn outfits, and in some time you’ll already choose new fashionable items for your toddler boy.

All types of clothes for baby boy combine comfort, practicality, and style. It will be easy for parents to cope with the task of changing children's clothes, as with such sets the kids themselves will be happy to participate in it and will not resist.

Baby Boy Clothes for Summer and Winter on The Trendy Toddlers

On The Trendy Toddlers website, you can find clothes for your child for any season. If you are looking for spring or fall outfits for a baby boy, pay attention to the possibility of layering various types of clothes. Regardless of what you prefer to acquire for your son, start with baby boy onesies, adding more layers over them. This allows you to make your child feel comfortable in any weather.

Available Clothing Sizes

We have gathered the widest range of baby boy stuff on our website, which includes sales hits and new arrivals, and accompanied each product with a detailed description and photos. In order not to get confused in size and be sure of the correct choice, you can always check the attached table of sizes. Prices will also pleasantly surprise you!

We suggest you check the chart with available sizes for your baby boys:

Size Age Height (in) Weight (lb)
NB Newborn up to 20 5-8
3M up to 3 months 20-24 8-13
6M up to 6 months 24-26 13-17
9M up to 9 months 26-28 17-21
12M from 9 months up to 1 y.o. 28-31 21-24
18M from 1 y.o. to 18 months 31-33 24-27
24M up to 2 y.o. 33-35 27-30
Baby Boy Clothes 0-24 Months | The Trendy Toddlers (2024)


What age does a 2 year old wear? ›

18 - 24 M18 - 24 Months32 - 33.5" 81 - 85 cm
2T2 Years33.5 - 35" 85 - 89 cm
3T3 Years35 - 38" 89 - 96 cm
4T4 Years38 - 41" 96 - 104 cm
4 more rows

What is after 18 month baby clothes? ›

24 Months: Are clothes that are designed for babies who weigh between 28 to 30 pounds and measure up to 34.5 inches long. They are usually the next size of clothes that babies wear after they outgrow the 18 months size.

How many clothes does a 2 year old boy need? ›

You need loads at that age because they rarely wear anything more than one day without getting food, pen, paint, mud, snot, wee or all of the above on them somewhere. I tend to run at about 8-9 pairs of trousers and 10-12 tops, 4-5 jumper/hoodie/fleece, 5-6 pairs PJs.

What should I dress my newborn in summer? ›

Generally, when it's hot, a single layer is enough – lightweight cotton is best as it's breathable. When you're out and about, make sure your baby has a wide brim hat on to keep the sun off their face. The pram should have a clip-on parasol or sunshade.

What size do most 2 year olds wear? ›

The name “2T” symbolizes the youngest age intended for the garment. For example, the 2T size is for a 2-year-old or 3-year-old child. Parents can review the toddler size chart to see the size's typical weight or height. This sizing information can help guide you to the best clothing for your little one.

Do most 2 year olds wear 2T? ›

2T (as in toddler) is intended for 2-3 year old kids. You'll often find that 2Ts are a bit longer, more than anything. Traditional baby/kids brands seem to have more differentiation than brands that cater to adults and branched out to include kids.

Do babies still wear onesies at 18 months? ›

However, as your baby grows and you size up, you'll eventually come to the bittersweet realization: Most onesies stop after 18-24 months. The good news is that our Kids Graphic Tees are equally sweet and come in even more styles.

Are 2T and 24 months the same? ›

Size 24 months is clothing designed for babies ages 18-24 months. Size 2T is clothing designed for a 2 to 3-year-old. Size 24 months pants have curvier lines in the bottom for extra diaper room.

What age do babies wear 12 month clothes? ›

Most 6-month-old babies wear 9- or 12-month-size clothing.

Should you buy toddler clothes a size up? ›

Larger sizes: Kids can grow fast, so when in doubt, size up. You can always cuff sleeves and pant legs or temporarily nip in a waistband.

What size should a 2-year-old boy be? ›

Wondering how much should a 2-year-old weigh? Average weight for a 24-month-old is 26.5 pounds for girls and 27.5 pounds for boys, according to the World Health Organization. How tall is the average 2-year-old? Average height for a 24-month-old baby is 33.5 inches for girls and 34.8 inches for boys.

What size is a 2-year-old toddler boy? ›

Your 2-year-old child's growth

Most 2-year-old girls weigh 19½ to 32½ pounds and measure 31½ to 36½ inches tall. Boys typically weigh 21 to 33½ pounds and measure 32 to 37 inches tall.

How hot is too hot for a baby? ›

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) suggests parents avoid taking babies outside for long periods of time if the heat index is greater than 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Prolonged outdoor exposure on extremely hot days can cause babies to overheat quickly.

Do babies need long sleeves in summer? ›

Though it may seem counterintuitive to dress babies in long sleeves during summer months, doing so can actually be beneficial. By covering their arms, babies can be shielded from the sun's damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays, which can cause sunburn.

What should baby wear in 75 degrees? ›

75 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit: Use a swaddle that's less than or equal to 1.0 TOG and dress your baby in a short-sleeve cotton bodysuit.

Do 2 year olds wear 3T? ›

A: the T stands for toddler, thus 2T is for a two-year old (24 months) and 3T for a three-year old (36 months). Next sizes up are 4, 5, 6 and 6x.

When should I switch from 2T to 3T? ›

Amazon Essentials Sizing²:
Label / SizeWeight (pounds)Height / Length (inches)
12 – 18 months24 – 26.5 lbs31 – 32.5”
18 – 24 months27 – 30 lbs33 – 34.5”
2T24 – 29 lbs33 – 35”
3T29 – 33 lbs35 – 38”
7 more rows

What is 2 years in baby clothes? ›

In baby clothes sizes, 2T stands for 2-Toddler. It is a size that is designed to fit toddlers who are 2-3 years old. 2T clothes are typically a bit longer and looser than 24-month clothes, which are designed for babies who are 18-24 months old.


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